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simcity buildit

The SimCity Buildit is an awesome game to play on your mobile device. It come across several platforms and allows you to obtain information about the game with the use SimCity Buildit guide and tips. This guide includes the good amount of information about this game and also let you know about how to promote the SimCity Buildit without any obstacles. Instead of going for SimCity Buildit in-app purchases, you just use the guide for getting simcity buildit free cash, simoleons and many other stuffs. Without spending your real money, you are able to get all these resources within a few seconds.

With these resources, you are able to build the roads, buildings or anything that you wish to create as quickly as possible. However, this game lets you download via Snap Chat, Viper and also the Whatsapp messaging service on your own mobile phone or desktop within a matter of minutes. If you are unable to use this game, you can simply educate yourself by using SimCity Buildit beginner’s guide and make sure to follow the instructions carefully to become the best out of this game. Recently, the new releasing features can be updated, so you have to be aware of those before you start playing.

New updates in SimCity Buildit game

The SimCity Buildit is a most realistic city builder game for mobile users. The main theme of this game is building and managing your own city by using resources. With the popular landmarks and stunning 3D graphics, you can definitely enjoy the game play by just building your town. Once you build the larger city, you need to have more citizens and take responsibility to maintain the city services as well as solve all the city problems to keep the citizens happy and make your city thriving. Here are some new updates in the SimCity Buildit game that includes:

  • Reimagination of SimCity is available for the new generation of mobile players
  • Able to specialize your city with casinos, iconic landmarks and many more
  • Able to solve all the real city problems such as pollution, traffic and fire
  • Unleash the natural resources
  • Add the basic city services such as electricity and water in order to keep your citizens happy as well as grow your city
  • Develop and trade resources with friends as well as other cities
  • Able to watch your city on both day and night
  • Explore your 3D city from all the angles with controls of 360 deg

Top tips you need to know about SimCity Buildit

  • In order to build and upgrade the buildings, it is very important to keep producing the factory items
  • Need to produce a lot of expensive items as much as you want and make more money by selling them
  • If your Sims demanding for some necessary items, you just invest smartly
  • You need to prepare financially and keep searching for the upcoming unlocks
  • If you keep Sims happy, you should have minimum of 90%

While playing the Pixel Gun 3D game it is important to maneuver properly as I found that basic principle of the game is just like any other shooting game which is kill more and get hit less. Therefore, my primary concern while playing the game was to survive the attacks and kill as many I could and for this I found that in higher levels I could improve my parkour skills and also improve my average time for reacting to attacks. I found all the data on all the types of weapons that are available in the game in the tutorial and tried to use only those weapons which had high damage causing ability, more fire power, great lethality and fast mobility.

The members of the staff were also helpful to me on this particular matter. I practiced my maneuvering in all the different maps available in Pixel Gun 3D game. As the maps had all types of hazards like high mob concentrations, all kinds of traps, mob and player spawn points; it helped me a lot in getting enough practice and for it I found that the Parkour City map is excellent for training purpose. When I had enough practice and mastered the art of maneuvering I found that I could easily evade attacks even with heavy weapons like the Automatic peacemaker.

All these practice in Pixel Gun 3D taught me that when any of my enemy players try to shoot me with powerful weapons like the Automatic Peacemaker or the Prototype, I have to use my maneuvering skills to the maximum. It helped me to dodge the assaults and also helped me to switch through a weapon having high mobility or any melee weapon. During my practice I found that the Berserk Boots which I had bought before helped me in maneuvering and better strafing. It enabled me to double jump to avoid the enemy attacks. The demolition mask was also helpful as it enabled me to attain greater height while I jumped to avoid attacks.   

pixel gun 3d tips

There is also a useful technique in Pixel Gun 3D game that works equally well for most of the Area Damage weapons. It is the Rocket Jumping feature. It helped me to attain great heights in jumping and when I carried an area damage weapon with me like the Signal Pistol and looked down to fire in the midair it also helped to cause greater damage. I unlocked the Oxbadcode when I played Flag Capture by completing the Crossed World Campaign map to blast my way forward and backward.

When I played the game I found that fast currency is an important thing which I had to carry always top buy and upgrade weapons of my choice. Though there are several games to play within to earn fast coins legitimately like the Co-op Survival, there are also games which provided me with free weapons after successful completion of the level. I also used the pixel gun 3d guide to generate unlimited currency as per my wish to buy my chosen weapon and make the kill.